A number of you have requested us to add a new function in our Deck Builder where they can exclude certain cards from the recommendation. So we’ve built it!

In the Deck Builder, each card now has an X below it. Clicking the X would exclude the card, which means the Deck Building will exclude any decks in our database that uses the excluded card. For example, I don’t have Princess in my available cards (sigh), so when I use the Deck Builder, I press X below Princess to exclude decks that uses Princess. Although this means the cards recommended will be based on a smaller number of decks, it also means that the recommendations are more relevant to me.

Right now, a user a exclude up to 3 cards. Please let us know if you found this tool useful or if you have any feedbacks!

Archetype popularity using The_RumHam's definition

The_RumHam wrote a nice post on Reddit summarizing Clash Royale’s meta in the second season after global launch. In the post, the described the best 3 archetypes in the last season.

Using data from our Card Popularity list from 1000 decks in Top Clans, we went to check how popular are these archetypes.

  • Hog Freezer, if using exact definition set by The_RumHam, only represents 0.4% of the decks
  • A slightly relaxed definition would show that Hog Freezer represents 8.2% of decks on Mar 31, up from 2.7% in Mar 23
  • Double Prince + PEKKA decks has a usage rate of 9.8%, up from 6.2%
  • Mortar Mouth, without any changes to its definition, is only 2.7% of the decks
  • Remove the Lightning/Rocket requirement, the modified Mortar Mouth deck represents 5.1% of decks
  • We also looked a the Three Musketeer + Golem/PEKKA archetype, which The_RumHam also mentioned, it has a 3.5% usage rate, down from 4.7%

The combined usage rate of these archetypes adds up to 26.6% – that means 1 in 4 decks you face in high level play would fall into one of these archetypes. Is there any other variations of these archetypes are we missing here?

In previous Card Popularity post and ClashMeta reports, some readers ask about specific deck builds associated with certain cards. While we were researching into the deck data trying to answer these questions, we thought about an idea – why not build a deck builder that will provide card recommendations based on what cards you have chosen and deck builds used by decks in the Top Clans?

And now we are announcing the beta of our new Deck Builder, which uses data from our Card Popularity list and intelligently provides you card recommendations while you are adding cards to your deck.

There’s a few ways we hope you find this tool useful:

  • If you have a card that you like, and want to build a deck around it, our deck builder can help you find cards that are commonly used together with it
  • If you want to copy a deck you like, but you lack one or two cards used in that deck, then you can use our deck builder to find alternative cards that has been used in other decks
  • You want to change your deck, and wants to see how other similar decks are being built.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Card Popularity Mar 23

The new patch has arrived, which has led to some major changes in Clash Royale’s meta game. We analyzed 1000 decks from the Top Clans and has summarized our findings. We see a huge increase in Three Musketeer and Valkyrie usage rate over night, while use of X-bow, Cannon, and Tesla took a big hit.

Tanks are getting more popular while Dual Push deck decreased – however, overall there are more decks with both Dual Push and Tanks – this means Dual Push decks are getting more similar among themselves.

As a summary, here’s the findings from 1000 decks from the Top Clans:

  • Arrow and Elixir collector continues to be the most popular cards
  • Princess is now the 3rd most popular card on our list
  • Three Musketeers and Valkayrie both have a 11% usage rate, up from 2% in the previous week
  • Royal Giant, even with the buff, is still unpopular, only used in 1% of the decks
  • Siege decks, which have 2 or more long range cards, decreased from 17% of decks to 12% of decks
  • Defensive decks, which have 2 or more defensive buildings, also decrased from 14% to 8%
  • There are 42% of decks having at least 1 tanks unit, up from 33% in the last week
  • One specific deck type, Elixir Collector + X-Bow, dropped sharply from 11% to 3%

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Deck Type Popularity - March 20

Supercell has announced a balance patch coming on March 23, which will bring nerfs to X-Bow, Cannon, Tesla, Prince, Dark Prince and Princess, while buffing the heavily under-utilized Valkyrie, Royal Giant, Rage, and Three Musketeers. We are taking a snapshot of the card usage rates as well as deck types, so that we can do a similar exercise after the patch for comparison. Read More

Card Popularity Change, Mar 7 to Mar 14

Here’s some observations over the past week based on our Card Popularity list

  • New cards from last patch – Princess, Dark Prince and Ice Wizard gains significant popularity with steady increase in usage rate on a daily basis. This is likely a result of players finally getting enough cards to level up, and make the useful in top tier.
  • For old cards, the cards that have significant gain in popularity over the past week are Elixir Collector, PEKKA, Prince, and Skeleton Army
  • Spear Goblin, Hog, Mirror, Mirror, Archers, Fireball, Golem and Baby Dragon all lost quite a lot of popularity
  • Defensive decks became more popular as well: Xbow, Cannon and Internal Tower all gained popularity, while Tesla’s usage is almost unchanged. In our previous Deck Type analysis post, we already showed that there are over 13% defensive decks, the current number is probably even higher.

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Deck Element Popularity - March 12


  • Dual Push decks are the most popular, where 31.2% of the decks have Dual Push setup
  • Tanks are a close second, at 30.3% popularity
  • Siege decks are at a distance third, at 17.2% (if Princess is considered, this becomes 25.8%)
  • 13.6% of the decks can be considered as Defensive
  • There’s not much Hut decks at high level, only 4.4% of decks have 2 or more huts

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Based on the methods we used to calculate the Gini Coefficient in our previous post, I think it is a good idea to allow our readers better access to the data we used to calculate the index. So, we are launching our Card Popularity page, where we present the card usage rate of 1000 decks from players in global top clans in Clash Royale’s Top Royales page.

The list will be updated regularly, so we can see how card popularity trend changes over time.

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Measuring Card Inequality in Clash Royale, March 7


  • Card usage from 1000 decks from top clans are gathered
  • The method of calculating Gini Coefficient in economics is applied to calculate the level of inequality among card usage rates
  • The resultant Gini Coefficient is 0.45 (with a possible range on 0 – perfectly equality, to 0.83 – perfectly inequality where all decks uses the same 8 cards)
  • This result is comparable to an inequality level similar to Jamaica’s income inequality (US is ~0.41)

I think the game would be more fun if they tune the balance to reduce card usage inequality so we see more diversity in deck types.

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